• Hikvision DS-K1T501SF

    Hikvision DS-K1T501SF Video Access Control Terminal

  • Hikvision DS-K1T804MF

    Hikvision DS-K1T804MF Standalone Access Control Terminal with built-in Mifare Card-reader, Fingerprint Reader & Keypad – Can be used for Time & Attendance

  • Hikvision DS-K1T606MF

    Hikvision DS-K1T606MF Face Recognition Access Control terminal with 5 inch LCD

  • SecuKey SK6-X

    SecuKey SK6-X Standalone Weatherproof Universal Keypad (EM + HID + MF)

  • SecuKey SK5-X

    SecuKey SK5-X Weatherproof Standalone Universal Keypad (EM + HID + MF)

  • SecuKey SK2-X

    SecuKey SK2-X Waterproof Standalone Universal Keypad (EM+HID+MF)

  • Dahua DHI-ASI1212D

    Dahua DHI-ASI1212D Water-proof Fingerprint Standalone Controller – with Touch Keypad & Card-Reader Built-in

  • Dahua DH-ASI1201A

    Dahua DH-ASI1201A IP RFID Standalone Access Controller with Touch Keypad & Card-reader built-in