Dahua DH-PFM920I-6UN-C/U

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Dahua DH-PFM920I-6UN-C/U 305m UTP CAT6 CPR E/UL CM Cable Drum

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Dahua DH-PFM920I-6UN-C/U 305m UTP CAT6 CPR E/UL CM Cable Drum

Features :-

  • 305m UTP CAT6 Cable drum
  • Support PoE long-distance transmission
  • Excellent OFC with 99.99% OFC (oxygen free copper) purity
  • Environmentally-friendly outer sheath, meet the CPR E/ UL CM class
  • Top-notch quality guarantee for 10 years
Model DH-PFM920I-5EUN
Conductor Material OFC(oxygen free copper)
Composition 1/0.45
Wire gauge 0.45*4P0.005mm
Insulation Material HDPE
Min. average thickness 0.2mm
Diameter 0.83mm0.03mm
Color(4 Pairs) Orange, white/orange; green, white/green;
blue, white/blue; brown, white/brown
Lay of twisted conductors 140mm
Jacket Material PVC
Min. average thickness 0.5mm0.05mm
Diameter 4.7mm
Color Orange
Length 305m (1000.66ft)
Max. DC resistance of single conductor 12 /100m
Max. unbalance rate of line pairs’ direct current resistance 12%
Min. insulation resistance 5000M·km
Max. mutual capacitance 5.6NF/100m
Max. attenuation 22(dB/100m, 100MHz)
General N.W. 7.8kg
Packaging dimension 360mmx360mmx220mm
Weight (with packaging) 8.6kg


Dahua DH-PFM920I-6UN-C/U Data-sheet