Utepo UTP3-SW04-TP60

Utepo UTP3-SW04-TP60

Utepo UTP3-SW04-TP60 6-Port Fast Ethernet Switch with 4x PoE Ports & 2x Uplink Ports

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  • 4 ports PoE Ethernet Switch is security surveillance Ethernet Switch which aims at Ethernet high definition surveillance and security system.
  • The product fully combines the characteristics of security surveillance, provides fast packet forwarding ability and abundant back-plane bandwidth, which ensures clear image and fluent transmission.
  • ESD and surge protection circuit can improve product stability.
  • The product supports one key CCTV model, with VLAN function can restrain the network storm, protect the information security, prevent the viral transmission and cyber attack, fully satisfy the Ethernet video security surveillance system and Ethernet project needs.

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More info available here – https://www.utepo.net/product/detail/124.html 

Item Description
Power Power Supply Power Adaptor
Voltage Range DC48V~54V
Consumption <5W
Ethernet Speed 1-4 port:Default:10/100Mbps; CCTV:10Mbps;UPLINK:100Mbps
Transmission Distance 1-4 port:Default:0~100m; CCTV:0~250m;UPLINK:100m
Network Switch Ethenet Standard IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.3af/at
Exchange Capacity 1.0Gbps
Packet Forwarding Rate 0.74Mpps
Packet Buffer 768K
Status Indicator Power Light 1pc(Red)
Ethernet Port Light 2pcs(Yellow&Green) on RJ45,yellow indicates PoE, greenindicates Link/Act
Surveillance Module Light 1pcs(Green), green indicates CCTV
Protection Level Pluse Group Level 3 Standard: IEC61000-4-4
ESD 1a Contact Discharge Level 3 1b Air Discharge Level 3Standard: IEC61000-4-2
Anti-thunder Level 6KV

Standard: IEC61000-4-5

Working Environment Working Temperature -10℃~55℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~85℃
Humidity(Non-condesing) 0~95%
Mechanical Dimension(L*W*H) 135mm×85.6mm×27mm
Out Shell Galvanized Sheet
Color Black
Weight 315g
Power/Distance 54V Distance 100m 150m 200m 250m
Power 26W 24W 23W 21W




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