iDMSS Plus / gDMSS Plus Latest Version

1. Locate and launch iDMSS Plus / gDMSS Plus app on the Phone.

2. Press on the menu icon and press on Message Center.

3. Press on Add alarm device icon.

4. Select the added device.

5. Enable the notification for that device by switching the toggle. It will show blue if on.

6. Select push type. For this tutorial, we are selecting Motion Detect > then press Motion detection > Select the camera channel.

7. Go back to Push Type menu and press Save.

8. Your notification should be subscribe now on the app, you should receive notification when motion is triggered.

iDMSS old version

1. From Main Menu Select “Alarm Manager”

2. Select “Push Config”

3. Select Recorder from list.

4. Select “Push Type” → Select one of the following: Live Preview, Video or Image → Select back icon.

5. Select Alarm Type.

6. Select Camera or Cameras → Select back icon.

7. Select Disk icon to subscribe entry.

A video tutorial is also available here – Setting up Dahua Push Notifications on Mobile App